International Seminar "Philosophy of the city"

Mié, 02-10-2024; 00:00 hasta Vie, 04-10-2024; 00:00


Organized by: The Philosophy of the City Research Group (POTC RG)

This is a global community of scholars dedicated to understanding the city and urban affairs. Philosophical papers on Madrid are especially welcome.

Presentations on any philosophical issue about cities are welcome. Some topics include housing, local governance, conceptualizing cities, urban policy, infrastructure, distribution, urban aesthetics, recognition, urban technologies, water issues, food and the city, street art, energy, mobility, city life, urban culture, justice, the city in philosophy’s history, discrimination, public space, immigration, examining specific cities, urban expansion, and defining the city. Presentations can be in English or Spanish.

For individual submissions, provide abstracts of about 300 words.

We are pleased to offer a Graduate Student Presentation Award of 300 USD to be given at the concluding ceremony. To be eligible, indicate a desire for consideration at the end of the submission. All participants are encouraged to submit revised versions of presentations to the Philosophy of the City Journal.

Deadline: May 3, 2024. Notifications: Before May 24.