Eulalia Pérez Sedeño y Lola S. Almendros (IFS) coeditoras y coautoras de un libro sobre ciencia, tecnología y estudios de género

Martes, 12 Febrero, 2019

"Knowledges, Practices and Activism from Feminist Epistemologies", es el título del libro cuya edición ha esta a cargo de Eulalia Pérez Sedeño (IFS, CCHS-CSIC), Lola S. Almendros (IFS, CCHS-CSIC), S. García Dauder, Esther Ortega Arjonilla.

Han contribuido además, como autoras de sendos capítulos, Eulalia Pérez Sedeño con el capítulo titulado "Feminist epistemologies and objectivity: moving towards a feminist science" y Lola S. Almendros como autora del capítulo "The Shaping of Intimacy in Facebook: A Critical Review Considering Gender Differences".

Science, Technology and Gender studies (STG) include the different approaches to feminist epistemologies, their current debates and also the theoretical analysis of different scientific controversies around cases that involve women's bodies and health, sex/gender, and techno-scientific practices. These studies are linked to the demand for another type of hybrid knowledge that revalorizes the practices, the embodied experience and care, as well as the subject positions traditionally excluded from the scientific community. The diversity of voices has allowed a plural knowledge in techno-scientific practices to emerge as well as the identification of gender, class, sexuality, race, functional diversity inequalities, for example. This has made possible a bioethical reflection which is not understood as abstract normative principles but linked to the practices and lived experience.
Divided into three parts, this edited volume presents original and insightful research on STG from feminist epistemologies. The first part addresses fundamental theoretical questions that feminist epistemologies raise; and how they confront complex social problems, such as gender-based violence. The second part deals with research practices or processes, explicitly showing the relationship between science and policy. Finally, the third part presents some case studies that show the multidimensionality of the problems and the depth and richness of these analyses.
The contributions included in the volume present original and in-depth research on local case studies within Spain. Not only challenging the hegemonic and global perspectives on different issues, this volume also opens up and enables discussion of these global narratives. This edited volume is a useful tool for researchers and university students in multiple fields such as gender studies, feminist epistemologies, STS, cultural history or transgender studies.


"Knowledges, Practices and Activism from Feminist Epistemologies", Eds.: Eulalia Pérez Sedeño (IFS, CCHS-CSIC), Lola S. Almendros (IFS, CCHS-CSIC), S. García Dauder, Esther Ortega Arjonilla. Vernon Press, 2019 - Series: Critical Perspectives on Social Science - ISBN 978-1-62273-461-0

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