Theory with Praxis (TcP): Ethics, Epistemology and Society

Researcher in charge: Concha Roldán Panadero



Priority lines 

Ethics, Epistemology and Society.


The Research Group was named after the Leibnizian adage, adopted by Kant in Theorie and Praxis, whose understanding was that all Praxis can be realised and improved from Theory. From Ethical, Philosophical and Culture coordinates, the group assumes the enlightened motto that ideas should mould our daily lives. The History of Moral and Political Ideas, the Espitemology, the Philosophy of History, or the dialogue between Cinema and Philosophy are some of its methodological tools applied to topics such as the impact of new technologies on the trivialization of Evil, Inequalities, Misinformation, Climtae Change, Precariousness, Uncompelled Servitude or the Ecthical Challenges of IA. The production of the Group has generated the CSIC's TcP Collection and the IFS-CSIC's Covid-19 Audiovisual Philosophical Dictionary.



  • INconRES (PID2020-117219GB-I00)
  • RESPONTRUST (SGL2104001)
  • ON-TRUST CM (2019HUM5699)


Dept. of Philosophy, Culture and Society