Interdisciplinary Symposium "Thinking Memory Through Space: Materiality, Representation & Imagination"

Goldsmiths University of London, Richard Hoggart Building Room 309, New Cross (London SE14 6NW)

Invited Speakers:
Paul Basu (University College London)
Joost Fontein (University of Edinburgh)
Yael Navaro-Yashin (University of Cambridge)
Max Silverman (University of Leeds)
"Dwelling in and Imagining Violent Spaces".
"Thinking Sites of Trauma & Commemoration".
"Documents, Papers, Photographs: Archival Traces & The Production of Memory".
"Locating Transcultural Memory".
Organized by: ILLA e IFS (CCHS-CSIC); Project 7PN ITN "Sustainable Peace Building"; Project 7PN ERC "Bosnian Bones, Spanish Ghosts" & Goldsmiths University London
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