Juan Carlos Velasco (IFS) codirige la publicación de "Spheres of Global Justice”

 In summer 2013, Springer has published Spheres of Global Justice. The work is co-edited by Juan Carlos Velasco (IFS, CSIC) and consists of two massive volumes. Contributors from CSIC are Juan Carlos Velasco, Francisco Colom, Ana López Sala y Txetxu Ausin (IFS, CCHS-CSIC).
Spheres of Global Justice is the collection of 63 lectures, which were given in the scope of the European Research and Training Network 'Applied Global Justice' (Framework Program of the European Commission, HPRN-CT-2002-0031). The Global Justice Network was a co-operation of 5 universities (Graz, Louvain, Saarbrücken, Tilburg, Zürich), two national research institutes (The French National Centre for Scientific Research - CNRS, the Spanish Centre for Scientific Research - CSIC), and the Peace Research Institute in Oslo (PRIO).
The first volume Global Challeges to Liberal Democracy: Political Participation, Minorities and Migrations deals with global democracy, minority rights and cultural rights, and right to migration. Editors: Jean-Christophe Merle, Luc Foisneau, Christian Hiebaum, Juan Carlos Velasco.
The second volume Fair Distribution: Global Economic, Social and Intergenerational Justice deals with global social justice, global economic justice, and intergenerational justice. Editors: Jean Christophe Merle, Paul Cobben, Urs Marti.
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