Gendered Drug Standards. From Historical and Socio-anthropological Perspectives. A workshop of the ESF Research Networking Programme DRUGS

Salón de Grados B, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Granada. Avda. de Madrid, 11. (Granada)

Recent historiography of science and anthropology of medicine and health have shown a growing interest in analyzing drugs and their social impact when considering categories like gender, race/ethnicity, class and other social hierarchies. This workshop aims at bringing together scholars interested in applying gender as a category of analysis to the history of drugs and drug standards and in relation to contemporary problems of circulation and use of drugs
The leading issues themes of the workshop are:
1- What is the impact of gender, race/ethnicity, and class in the processes of designing drugs, during the clinical trials and in the marketing campaigns of the pharmaceutical companies? How can intersectional perspective be applied to study these processes?
2- How do pharmaceutical technologies produce gender - (and race/ethnicity and class) - specific outcome in lifestyles and social practices? How do they alter the historical and contemporary experience of reproduction (or avoiding it), sexual desire, childbirth, menopause, depression etc.?
3- What is the role of drugs in the relationship between doctors/prescribers and patients/users mediated by gender and other social hierarchies, and in the process of medicalisation?
4- How do specific drug therapies (antibiotics, psychopharmaceuticals, contraceptives, hormonal replacement therapy) shape social perception and experience of specific women’s diseases?
5- How do the prescribing, selling, marketing, and forbidding of drugs shape health policies and clinical practice?
6- What is the impact of gender- and other hierarchies in pharmaceutical teaching and research?
Sponsored by the ESF Research Networking Programme: Standard Drugs and Drug Standards, A comparative historical study of pharmaceuticals in the 20th century
Organisers: Teresa Ortiz Gómez, María Jesús Santesmases (IFS-CSIC), Agata Ignaciuk, Nicolas Tschudy  Department of the History of Science and Institute of Women’s Studies (University of Granada)
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