Director: Eulalia Pérez Sedeño

This line develops an interdisciplinary approach from Science and Technology Studies (STS) using different methodologies. In particular the Cultures of Science and Technology line focuses on the ways processes, communities, instruments, and techno-scientific practices are conceptualized and given value. It also concentrates on public participation in science and technology, and public perception of scientific knowledge. 

Sub-line 1: Techno-scientific communities and practices

This sub-line integrates several current approaches for the study of science and technology from a historical, philosophical, and sociological perspective. It also focuses on the issues concerning governance of science and technology, scientific advice, public participation in research and development of scientific issues, and the new forms of interaction between civil society and scientific community. The sub-line analyzes new ways to promote scientific vocations in young community, especially, to promote full integration of women in science and technology. 

Sub- line 2: Studies for Gender Equality. This sub-line deals with the role of gender concept and values in several areas of our society. It tries to give answer to some specific requests connected with the configuration of the European Research Area and the European Area of Higher Education.

The “Science, Technology and Society” research group holds a long tradition in the study of values, social impact, and gender concerns in science and technology. In particular, feminist and gender studies of science and technology, bio-politics of science and technology, and the coproduction of scientific and technological artifacts and scientific knowledge are researched. In addition, the interaction of biomedicine and biotechnology to scientific, social, and political arenas are of interest for the group.

Scientific Analysis and Foresight", this group focuses its activity on the analysis of the mechanisms and factors involved in the processes of transfer of scientific and technological knowledge to the productive and social sectors and on the study of the social and economic impacts of the processes of transfer. The main target fields concerned are Biotechnology and Biomedical sciences. The group is also interested on foresight analysis in order to improve the scientific development of the above mentioned fields.

“Gender Studies”. This group deals with Gender Equality phenomenon from a transversal perspective and researches into the causes and ways of inequality by gender reasons, including the Science and Technology System. This group analyses men and women unequal social situation. It focuses on their different prominence as research and cultural creation subjects, as well as their different connections with power.

"Group for Scientific Activity Studies". The research of the group is concerned with the study of scientific activity and performance of researchers and research teams, and of their relationships with society. Current research lines are: a) Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST) processes, and their impacts on recipients, particularly young people; b) dynamics of research teamwork and its influence on research activity and performance of scientists; and c) evaluation of programs for the promotion on human resources in Science and Technology and their impacts on the S&T system. http;//sas.csic.cesga.es


Centro / Institutos: 
Institute of Philosophy (IFS)
Institute of Language, Literature and Anthropology (ILLA)